Definitions for "Pelican"
Any large webfooted bird of the genus Pelecanus, of which about a dozen species are known. They have an enormous bill, to the lower edge of which is attached a pouch in which captured fishes are temporarily stored.
Generic term for all species within the Pelecaniformes, which includes gannets and cormorants as well as pelicans proper (which you don't see too often in Britain).
Asia. For my young l rend my heart. The mother bird was reputed by St. Augustine and Isidore to kill its young by kisses or blows, and after three days the male bird would wound himself in the breast and revive the brood with his own life-blood. A symbol of the Resurrection.
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A person recognized in the society for having performed great service, and also possessing of great virtue.
A person who's been specially recognized by the Crown for their service to the Society.
One of the Peerages; highest SCA award for service to the Society. See also Laurel, Knight.
To dream of a pelican, denotes a mingling of disappointments with successes. To catch one, you will be able to overcome disappointing influences. To kill one, denotes that you will cruelly set aside the rights of others. To see them flying, you are threatened with changes, which will impress you with ideas of uncertainty as to good.
Pelican is a four-piece instrumental band hailing from Chicago, Illinois who have since relocated to Los Angeles. The band is known for its dense combinations of different melodies and extended track lengths. Their distinctive sound draws from doom metal as well as post-rock and many other influences, making them exemplary proponents of post-metal.
A retort or still having a curved tube or tubes leading back from the head to the body for continuous condensation and redistillation.
An apparatus used for distillation*, consisting of a head with two curved tubes connected to the body of the vessel; vapors condensed in the head could return to the body via the tubes.
Pelican was a private man of war commissioned by a Liverpool merchant for offensive operations against French commerce following the outbreak of the French Revolutionary War in February 1793.
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fur-lined garment worn between the chemise and cote during 12-15th centuries.
An alchemical flask, shaped so that a boiling liquid would drop back again into the same flask.
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A peer of the Realm.