Definitions for "Pekoe"
Keywords:  plucking, tea, baihao, bush, chinese
A kind of black tea.
PECK-oh] A term used to describe the largest leaves used to produce whole leaf teas. Also refers to an un-distinctive blend of tea. Pronounced ‘pek-o'.
whole leaf black tea produced by a medium plucking of the second leaf on the tea bush. The word Pekoe comes from the Chinese meaning 'white hair' and was originally applied to the early tea pluckings, due to the white down on the backs of the young leaf tea.
Keywords:  piko, pico, hemming, stitching, strands
Refers to a form of hemming (doubling back the edges with loose strands and stitching them down). Sometimes, it is spelled "pico" or "piko" as well.