Definitions for "Pegs"
wooden pegs, little stakes of wood made from maple or lemonwood. These pegs, in rows of one to three deep, run along the arch ( shank) of the boot down to the heel. Along with stitching and glue, they hold the insole and outsole together. Pegs are usually a sign of a better-quality boot, and you should also be able to see the tops of the pegs when you look inside your boots.
The most recent term for the inside running rail. At many tracks these days, the railing itself has been removed, leaving behind markers or pegs which indicate where the inside of the track is.
Decorative feature used on doors to create the appearance of the old peg style joints. Available in walnut and matching wood specie.
Friction devices for tuning stringed instruments.
The black rods in the scroll of a stringed instrument around which the strings are wound.
Pegs are used for two main purposes which are sometimes combined. One is to land on and grind them. The other is to stand on and balance. Grinding pegs are usually smaller and thicker while standing pegs are larger diameter for foot comfort.