Definitions for "peep "
Positive end expiratory pressure. an addition of positive airway pressure at the end of the exhalation phase. PEEP increases the baseline pressure above the ambient pressure level.
Positive end expiratory pressure. on a respirator, the constant amount of pressure exerted on the infant's lungs to keep them expanded during and after breaths.
Pressure applied during breathing out, which helps keep the lungs from collapsing while the baby is on the ventilator.
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To cry, as a chicken hatching or newly hatched; to chirp; to cheep.
The cry of a young chicken; a chirp.
the short weak cry of a young bird
To begin to appear; to look forth from concealment; to make the first appearance; as, the sun peeped over the eastern hills.
To look cautiously or slyly; to peer, as through a crevice; to pry.
A sly look; a look as through a crevice, or from a place of concealment.
Peep is the debut album by Finnish alternative rock band The Rasmus (named just "Rasmus" back then). It was first released in 1996, in Finland, Estonia and Russia, and subsequently in other countries such as Germany.
The European meadow pipit (Anthus pratensis).
Any small sandpiper, as the least sandpiper (Trigna minutilla).
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A device, usually plastic with a small hole in it attached to the string in the line of sight of the archer. Hence the archer can peep through this hole and have a second sight. Just like on a rifle with front and rear sights.
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make high-pitched sounds; of birds
speak in a hesitant and high-pitched tone of voice
Affectionate term for a chick, obviously from the sounds they make.
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a pure sugar rush
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peep will route data among TCP/UDP connections, files, and standard I/O file descriptors in any way you specify. Optionally, it can connect the standard I/O file descriptors where you specify and then execute another application.
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First outlook or appearance.
cause to appear; "he peeped his head through the window"
appear as though from hiding; "the new moon peeped through the tree tops"
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a guest in your park
Keywords:  egress, emergency, plan, personal
Personal Emergency Egress Plan.
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Very low flame for cooking
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a type of forcing move, where White hopes