Definitions for "Peek"
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When the dealer is dealt an ace or 10 upcard and manually checks the hole card to determine if the hand is a natural. Note: Today many casinos use special “auto peek” devices built into the table, which automatically read 10s or aces, as appropriate, from those cards that are specially coded. With such devices, dealers no longer manually peek at the hole card.
this is when the dealer is dealt an ace or 10 upcard and usually checks the hole card to determine whether the hand is a natural.
The dealer checks to see if he has Blackjack before the player's start taking hits. This is good for the player because it prevents you from splitting and doubling down, increasing your bet only to find the dealer has Blackjack. Variations to the Peek rule are whether the dealer checks for Blackjack with an Ace showing, or sometimes an Ace or Ten.
Polyetheretherketones (PEEK), also referred to as polyketones, are obtained from aromatic dihalides and bisphenolate salts by nucleophilic substitution. The bisphenolate salt is formed in situ from bisphenol and either added sodium or added alkali metal carbonate or hydroxide.
Polyether ether ketone
polyether etherketone (a semicrystalline thermoplastic)
an AppleScript that makes those hidden files/folders perceivable and vice-versa
Peek is a small lunar impact crater that is located in the northern part of the Mare Smythii near the eastern limb of the Moon. This part of the lunar surface is subject to the effects of libration, and the crater can be hidden from sight during an unfavorable libration. Even when visible, however, the crater is seen almost edge-on, making it difficult to see much detail from the Earth.
To look surreptitiously, or with the eyes half closed, or through a crevice; to peep.
To read a byte from an absolute memory location. POKE (store a byte in memory) and PEEK commands are often found in programming languages, such as BASIC, that do not normally allow access to specific memory locations. Peek can also refer to the act of looking at the next character in a buffer associated with a keyboard or other sequential input device without actually removing the character from the buffer.
to read information directly from a specified location in memory.
Packed bed qualityThe coefficient that reflects the quality of packed bed. It is represented as the A term in the expanded van Deemter equation. This term is determined by the size and distribution of voids, channels, and other nonuniformities in the packed bed. It represents a practical lower limit for H, and can be changed by using a better packed bed.
A chemically-resistant polymer used to make fittings and tubing; serves as an excellent replacement for stainless steel in biocompatible applications. PEEK is a Trademark of Victrex plc. Please see our Polymer Information page for more information regarding this material.
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an event for the footwear connoisseur
A glimpse at a spectator wearing revealing clothing.
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Peek is a perl based chat engine. It can be used for local networks or even the internet! Peek-Engine supports plugins written in perl.
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a brand new blog with promise