Definitions for "Pedicel"
A stalk which supports one flower or fruit, whether solitary or one of many ultimate divisions of a common peduncle. See Peduncle, and Illust. of Flower.
A slender support of any special organ, as that of a capsule in mosses, an air vesicle in algæ, or a sporangium in ferns.
A slender stem by which certain of the lower animals or their eggs are attached. See Illust. of Aphis lion.
Second segment of the antenna, which articulates basally with the scape and apically with the flagellum; sometimes called the pedicellus. [drawing
The second segment of the antenna, which is often small, cylindrical, and drumlike, between the scape and the flagellum.
The second primary division or segment of the antenna; it articulates apically with the flagellum and basally with the scape.
An outgrowth of the frontal bones, which supports the antlers or horns in deer and allied animals.
The enlargement of the frontal bone of the skull, forming a supporting structure from which an antler will grow.
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a spider's waistline
The ventral part of each side of the neural arch connecting with the centrum of a vertebra.
small tube that connects the opisthosoma to the prosoma.
short filament which attaches a conidium to the hyphae