Definitions for "Pediatrics"
That branch of medical science which treats of the hygiene and diseases of infants and children.
The branch of medicine that deals with the general health management of children and adolescents and the diagnosis and treatment of their medical conditions
The branch of medicine that deals with the development and care of children, as well as the diseases and treatment of children.
Pediatricians work with all aspects of a childâ€(tm)s health.
Pediatrics is an official peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. In the inaugural January 1948 issue of PEDIATRICS, the journal's first editor, Hugh McCulloch, articulated the journal's vision: "The content of the journal is... intended to encompass the needs of the whole child in his physiologic, mental, emotional, and social structure. The single word, Pediatrics, has been chosen to indicate this catholic intent."