Definitions for "Ped"
Keywords:  prism, granule, crumb, aggregate, soil
A unit or 'chunk' of soil made up of individual particles of sand, silt, clay, and some organic material that stick together into a specific structure.
the smallest unit of soil
A unit of soil structure such as a crumb, prism, block or granule, which is formed by natural processes.
referring to a foot (shape), or, by extension, a basal structure ("pedicillatus" = "having a stalk") often also mean palmate, which word, itself, refers not to a foot but to a hand, as in a palmate leaf; (_Pedilanthus_ = "foot (shoe) flower"), one common name is "Slipper Spurge" ("spurge" is a general common name applied to many plants in the Euphorbia Family) ("pedatum")
WP Program Editor Delete Save
PED, the Programmers' EDitor, was a powerful screen-based text editor made by the Norwegian minicomputer manufacturer Norsk Data.
Keywords:  fawns, rats, dilution, eyed, champagne
Abbreviation for pink eye dilution, a gene that results in champagne rats, pink-eyed fawns, and silvers.
Period Ending Date (Always Sunday Midnight).
Parole Eligibility Date. The date that an offender is statutorily eligible for release on parole. to top
Keywords:  pannier, hammer, basket
A basket; a hammer; a pannier.
PED or Project-Entropia Dollars is the currency in Project-Entropia. 10 PED equals 1 UDS.
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pretty nasty term. probably from the french "pédéraste". I'll let you figure it out.
Keywords:  pinpad, pin, entry, pad, device
Pin Entry Device (also referred to as PINpad)
PIN entry device - see PIN pad.
Keywords:  anklebone, sock, falls, length, below
Usually, a short length sock that falls below the anklebone.
Keywords:  detector, plasma, emission
Plasma emission detector.
Passenger electronic device (in the context of civil airliners).
portable electronic devices.
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Performance Enhancing Drug
Pressure Equipment Directive