Definitions for "Pdr"
Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy damage to the eyes due to DM PELT Platelets PO by mouth
Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy. The latter stage of diabetic retinopathy in which new, abnormal blood vessels begin to grow on the surface of the retina in response to widespread closure of normal retinal blood vessels due to diabetes. These new, abnormal blood vessels do not restore normal blood flow to the retina and can cause vitreous hemorrhage, detachment of the retina and permanent vision loss.
Physician's Desk Reference
Physicians’ Desk Reference. Guide to drugs available in U.S.
Physicians' Desk Reference. Doctors rely on the PDR for all FDA-approved drug information they need when they prescribe medications.
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Primitive Data Routine. The PDR collects raw data from a variety of sources for inclusion in the SMD.
Abbreviation for Personal Digital Recorder. The core of a Personal Digital Recorder is a integrated hard disk and the applications that enable recording and playback. Not only videos can be stored but also other digital data, eg. images.
See PromptCat Data Record (PDR).
A process structured on the logic of Plan-Do-Review, relating to tasks and meeting management.
Product Delivery Record; Preliminary Design Review
Performance and Development Review
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hysicians esk eference
A predetermined airway that leads from an airport's airspace out to jetways that are used to expedite an aircraft's toward its en route phase.
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Paintless Dent Removal
Private Dining Room. Smaller room to the east of the Commons, recently a few years ago. Used for luncheon meetings, quiet study at night, and as the dressing-room for Tabletop productions.
Professional Development Resource is a self-assessment tool that contains the competency model for golf course superintendents, reflecting the key knowledge and skill areas a golf course superintendent needs to perform successfully.
Permanent disability rating. A percentage that estimates how much a job injury permanently limits the kinds of work you can do. It is based on your medical condition, date of injury, age when injured, occupation when injured, how much of the disability is caused by your job, and your diminished future earning capacity. It determines the number of weeks you are entitled to permanent disability benefits.
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See Press-drag-release.
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Port or Printer Driver
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primary dispute resolution
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Project Definition Report