Definitions for "pdq "
physicians data query; a NCI supported database available to physicians, containing current information on standard treatments and ongoing clinical trials
Acronym for Physicians Data Query database of clinical trials past and present for all types of cancer maintained by the National Cancer Institute.
Patient Demographics Query Integration Profile in IT Infrastructure Technical Framework
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Pretty Damn Quick
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Patton & Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite File
pdq is a direct replacement of lpr. Adding and configuring printers does not require root privilege. Jobs can be monitored through completion, job status can be checked *after* completion. Users can create custom command line options to set features such as tray selection, color mode, and print quality options.
Partnership Defined Quality. A methodology to improve quality and accessibility of health services with community involvement. Key steps are helping the community, in collaboration with health workers to define, implement, monitoring a quality improvement process—linking quality of care assessments and improvements with community mobilization.