Definitions for "PDF"
Acronym for Portable Documents Format
PDF stands for "portable document file" and is the file extension used for documents using Adobe Acrobat Viewer. For example, a document with the name mypaper.pdf would require Adobe in order to read the file.
Data format developed by Adobe Systems Inc. and used for exchanging and processing electronically stored, formatted documents with text and images, independent of hardware or software. One of the special features of the format is that texts and graphics are stored in vector form, meaning that the resolution of their representation is dependently solely on the output device (monitor, printer).
Popular Defence Force, an Islamist government-sponsored militia under the jurisdiction of the Sudanese army, which trains, arms, and supervises these forces.
Popular Defense Forces, an Islamist government-sponsored militia under the jurisdiction of the Sudan army
Acronym for Probability Density Function This is the description of the probability of an event at a given value of an independent variable and is especially used in chemical reaction modeling.
See probability density function.
Probability Density Function. Associated with a random variable is a probability density function (pdf). For continuous random variables this has the property that for any interval on the real line, the probability of the random variable realising a value in the interval is given by the integral of the pdf over this interval. (The integral of a pdf over the entire real line is always unity).
Postdoctoral Fellow (ARC Fellowship)
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Polyphonic Ringtones Pull SMS
Abbreviation for Pooled Development Fund.
Pooled Development Fund. A form of pooled investment which offers taxation concessions for investors to invest in development capital projects. To be eligible for PDF status, the trustees must submit a capital raising plan and investment plan for approval by the PDF Registration Board of the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Technology. PDFs may only invest in Australian companies with less than $50 million in assets. As at April 1996, there were 36 PDFs registered in Australia.
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precision direction finder
These must be written correctly for the printing process. If you have questions, ask Kirk.
The Parkinson's Disease Foundation
Profile-directed feedback, a type of optimization that uses information collected during application execution to improve performance of conditional branches and in frequently executed sections of code.
Abbreviations Planing-hull Parts , Tools , Ships
Personal Data Form. A form on which departments record any personal changes relating to an employee (e.g., change of address or marital status). Personal Data Forms are submitted to Human Resources for processing.
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Post-award administration
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principle direction of fire
Personal Identification Number (PIN)
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principal direction of fire