Definitions for "pdb "
Brookhaven Protein Data Bank. A database and format of files which describe the 3D structure of a protein or nucleic acid, as determined by X-ray crystallography or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging. The molecules described by the files are usually viewed locally by dedicated software, but can sometimes be visualised on the world wide web.
chemical/x-pdb -- It started as the Protein Databank format and grew from there. It is currently the preferred format because viewers are available for all platforms.
protein data bank PDB is an archive of experimentally-determined three-dimensional structures ( Brookhaven nat. Labs or EBI). Domain families represented in SMART and in the PDB are annotated as being of known structure; links are provided in SMART to the PDB via PDBsum and MMDB. PDBsum links can be used to access a variety of sequence-based and structure-based tools, whereas MMDB provides access to literature information and structure similarities.
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A white crystalline substance whose vapors are heavier than air and are used to fumigate wax moths in stored hive bodies.
crystals used to fumigate combs against wax moth.
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PDB is a simple database management system for PHP PHP programs. This DBMS can be used to create a Web site that dynamically stores data even if you can't afford a Web hosting service that offers MySQL. It is simple and easy to use.
This a simple Database Management System written in PHP with this DBMS if you can't afford an MySQL hosting you can create a site using this DBMS to store data. Simple and Easy to use.
A small abstracted database-like dynamic data structure written in C. Can read and write to disk in a manner easily editable by text editors. The structure is intended for C/C++ developers who require a small, yet fast and flexible, data storage method.
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Peters& Daily Briefing
The president's daily brief, the CIA briefing document delivered to the president of the United States first thing each day. It is always accompanied by a senior CIA officer.
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Paidup Value
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Preliminary Draft Budget.
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power disk brakes
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Personnel Data Base