Definitions for "PCT"
Participant Cost Test
This is a test of cervical mucus and activity of the sperm.
Post Coital Test. A microscopic examination of the cervical mucus performed several hours after intercourse to determine compatibility between the woman's mucus and the man's semen; a test used to detect sperm-mucus interaction problems, the presence of sperm antibodies, and the quality of the cervical mucus.
Patent Treaty Cooperation
PCT stands for Patent Co-operation Treaty. You can file an International Application with the Patent Office of IP Australia under the PCT (Patent Co-operation Treaty). In your application, you should select or designate the countries in which you want a patent.
patent cooperation treaty, a mechanism to access the international market
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An image file format developed by Apple Computer and commonly used in the Macintosh environment.
Grafisk fil format til Macintosh.
Graphics Macintosh
Primary Care Trust. free-standing statutory trust responsible for health services in a geographical area in England. NHS 'Jargon Busting' site
Primary Care Trust. Independent organisations which are taking over the responsibility of Primary Care Groups and have enhanced powers
Primary Care Trust. The local level of the UK's health system.
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Parallel Chord Truss. Truss with top and bottom chord slope less than 1.5/12.
arallel hord russes such as a floor Truss. See example HERE.
Parallel chord trusses.
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Porphyria cutanea tarda
proximal convoluted tubule. The portion of the nephron that is situated between Bowman’s capsule and the loop of Henle; the major site of active reabsorption from filtrate.
Percentage of passes completed
"Pct" is an abbreviation for Percentage. This is usually used to refer to a team's or pitcher's Winning Percentage. Position A player's listed Position defines the defensive role the player is most suited to play. The following abbreviations are used in Baseball Mogul: = Pitcher = Catcher 1B = First Base 2B = Second Base 3B = Third Base SS = Short Stop IF = "Infield" (competent at any infield position except first base) LF = Left Field CF = Center Field RF = Right Field OF = "Outfield" (competent at any outfield position) Production (PRO) A batter's Slugging Percentage plus his On Base Average. This is a good indicator of a batter's overall productivity.
Priority Casework Team. The team at ESR that deals with DNA cases where a suspect has been identified. This often involves work on high profile cases such as homicides, rapes, etc.
Protocol for encrypting TCP, IP transmissions. RSA, MDS, RCZ, RC4, and others Confidentiality, authentication, integrity, nonrepudiation
Microsoft's proprietary alternative to SSL. Enables a client browser to communicate privately with a Web server over an encrypted channel. Like SSL, the protocol is intended to prevent eavesdropping on communications in client/server applications, with servers always being authenticated and clients being authenticated at the server's option.
See Performance Collection Tool.
Performance Collection Tool. Part of the PE Benchmarker toolset, this tool enables you to collect either MPI and user event data or hardware and operating system profiles for one or more application processes. Because it is built on dynamic instrumentation technology, the PCT enables you to insert instrumentation probes into a target application while the target application is running.
Process Control tools (Toolkit)
Private Communication Technology. Designed to provide secure transactions over the Internet.
An enhanced version of Secure Socket Layer. See also SSL.
Private Communication Technology. A protocol used to create a secure Internet or intranet channel.
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Set of Ant tasks to compile Progress code using XREF, dump/load Progress databases, and so on.
Program Control Table. A table containing CICS transaction defintions, used in earlier releases of CICS.
Peace Corps Trainee. Volunteer's title during training and before becoming an official volunteer
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Pacific Crest Trail
Percent; a fractional proportion, multiplied by 100.
The number of persons who received each raw score, expressed as a percent of the total number of persons on whose responses the item analysis is based.
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See Photo color transfer.