Definitions for "PCS"
Personal Communication Systems
Personal communications service. A band of frequencies in the 1900Mhz range that enable call waiting voicemail and caller ID.
( ersonal ommunications ervices) - Similar to cellular service, PCS employs a digital signal, CDMA multiplexing, spread spectrum technology and specified usage bands that distinguish it from other wireless services.
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Edit / See: Physical Coding Sublayer
Physical coding sublayer. Codes such as 8B/10B or 4B/10B are used to transmit data into forms suitable for the physical media and decoding it at the receiver
Physical Coding Sublayer. A part of the physical layer of the OSI model (layer 1). See also OSI reference model, PMA, PMD.
A small handheld device commonly used as a mobile computer or personal organizer. Many PDAs incorporate small keyboards, while others use touchscreens with handwriting recognition. Some of these devices have Internet capabilities, either through a built-in or add-on modem.
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Pursuit Combat Sytems
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A Profile Connection Space is the intermediate colour space that is used in the transformation from one profile to another.
A reference color space is a device independent color model which is utilized by a CMM (color engine), to translate the color palette of one device into the color space of a different device. CIE Lab is an example of a reference color space. The reference color space is integrated into the color management module; it is not visible to the user nor can it be modified by the user.
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Panama Canal Surcharge.
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Passive Cinema Subwoofer
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Post Concussion Syndrome
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See ICD.
Player Characters in a roleplayinggame.
Player Characters in a roleplaying game.
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PICS Animation
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PNG Public-key Encryption
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petroleum contaminated soil
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permanent change of station
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Protective Clothing