Definitions for "PCR"
A relatively quick and sensitive technique used to detect and generate copies of specific DNA fragments. See DNA.
Laboratory method for detecting the genetic material of an infectious disease agent in specimens.
Technique for amplifying a specific DNA segment in a complex mixture by multiple cycles of DNA synthesis from short oligonucleotide primers followed by brief heat treatment to separate the complementary strands.
Physician Contingency Reserve. See withhold.
Physician Contingency Reserve. A portion of the claim which is deducted and withheld by the health plan before payment is made to the physician. It serves as an incentive for proper quality and utilization of health care. A portion of this reserve may be returned to the physician or to pay claims where the plan needs additional funds. It is also sometimes called "withhold." (H)
physician contingency reserve. the "at-risk" portion of a claim that is deducted and withheld by the health plan before payment is made to a participating physician as an incentive for appropriate utilization and quality of care. This amount - for example, 20% of the claim - remains within the plan and is credited to the doctor's account. The withhold can be used in instances when claims costs exceed the health plan's budget for a particular period. The withhold may be returned to the physician in varying levels which are determined based on analysis of performance or productivity compared against peers. Also called physician contingency reserve
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An asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) parameter used to determine the maximum number of cells permitted in a specified time period. See ATM.
peak cell rate. Maximum cell rate at which the source can transmit.
An ATM traffic parameter (in cells per second) that characterizes the source and gives the maximum rate at which cells can be transmitted. It is calculated as the reciprocal of the minimum intercell interval (the time between two cells) over a given virtual connection (VC).
Partidul Comunist Român (Romanian Communist Party). The ruling and only legal political party. Founded in 1921, the Communist Party was declared illegal in 1924 and operated underground until 1944. The party came to power as a result of the Soviet occupation during the final year of World War II. In 1948 it merged with on wing of the Social Democratic Party to form the Romanian Workers' Party (Partidul Muncitoresc Român--PMR). In 1965 the party assumed its present name.
Principal Components Regression. A form of multiple regression in which the predictor variables are first put through a PCA in order to produce a smaller set of unrelated variables, simplifying the data and eliminating the problem of collinearity.
Program Change Request. Prepared in a prescribed format, it is a proposal for out-of-cycle changes to data recorded in the approved future years defense program (FYDP).
Manufacturer of a 2-cycle engine used in some karting classes.
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peptide pest
Petition For Commission Review
Price Control Review. Ofgem’s periodic review of allowed returns for licensed companies in the energy business.
Purchasing change request. RFx for an existing service or product for a potential renegotiation with current supplier.
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(Program Clock Reference). DVB / MPEG-2 reference clock used in synchronizing the transmission of one Program Stream.
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Poly Core Roller. A cylindrical brush with a plastic core.
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population-care registry (of KP)
Project Closure Report, a form completed at the end of a project to record actual project costs
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Price-cap regulation
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Post Court Report
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Project Change Request
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program check reference