Definitions for "PCO"
or POS - polycystic ovarian syndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Disease - Development of cysts in the ovaries due to arrested follicular growth. This condition of unknown origin is marked by hormonal imbalance in which high levels of the hormone LH are present. Infertility associated with PCO is often responsive to drug therapy
See polycystic ovary syndrome.
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Publications and Courseware Officer No entries. No entries.
Plant Control Office
Privy Council Office. PCO is the department that provides public service support to the Prime Minister, to Ministers within the Prime Minister's portfolio, and to the Cabinet in order to facilitate the smooth and effective operation of the Government of Canada.
Posterior Capsular Opacification. Opacification of the posterior lens capsule following cataract extraction. Sometimes called "after cataract," and may cause blurred vision. Posterior Chamber: The back section of the eye's interior.
Posterior subCapsular Opacification
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Primary Care Organisation. A term used to describe Care Trusts, Primary Care Groups and Primary Care Trusts.
Primary Care Organisation - these vary throughout the UK; see our Organogram.
Primary Care Organisation. generic term used to described PCGs, LHGs and PCTs.
Professional Conference Organizer.
Stands for Professional Conference Organiser: a company which specialises in organising congresses and events and can help the local organisers with either all of or parts of the arrangements. A PEO - professional exhibition organiser - may also be required for larger congresses.
Professional Conference Organiser. A natural or legal person (not necessarily an interpreter) who frequently recruits interpreters on behalf of various clients (congress centres, etc.) and who prefer to conclude contracts in their own name.
peacetime contingency operation
point of control and operation
Price Change Opportunity. The revenue created by changes in the factors and assumptions used to determine Bell Atlanticâ€(tm)s rates for local service.
A legal entity representing multiple physicians, practices and clinics that contracts with other entities to provide healthcare services.