Definitions for "PCL"
Printer Control Language. A set of printer commands, developed by Hewlett-Packard, that provide access to printer features. PCL printers are compatible only with MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows systems and do not offer the complete device independence and range of choice available with Adobe PostScript printers, or the performance and features available with Adobe PrintGear printers.
The language used to control computer printers. Introduced in the 1980s by computer manufacturers Hewlett-Packard and under constant development ever since, PCL allows application programs to control the functions of different printers in a standardized, efficient manner.
The set of commands used by Hewlett-Packard and compatible printers to govern how a document will be printed. PCL is similar to, but less powerful and complex than, PostScript. (See PostScript.)
posterior cruciate ligament. the ligament, located in the center of the knee, that controls backward movement of the tibia (shin bone).
Posterior Cruciate ligament. The ligament inside the knee that keeps the lower large leg bone (tibia) from sliding backward under the upper leg bone (femur). This ligament is the least likely to stretch or tear. If it does get injured, it's generally from a hyperextension, but the ACL usually gets injured first.
Posterior Cruciate Ligament. A primary stabilizing ligament of the knee that provides significant stability and prevents displacement of the tibia backward within the knee joint. A complete tear of this ligament necessitating reconstruction could require up to 12 months of rehabilitation.
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Purolator Courier Limited
Purolator Courier Ltd.. Full and complete name of our company.
Primary Care Loan, available to medical students who are committed to practicing primary care medicine.
Primary Care Loan. A low-interest, campus-based student loan available to students pursuing study in medicine and demonstrating a sincere desire to practice in a primary care setting. The penalty is severe for altering career plans away from primary care. Borrowers from this loan program must counsel with the OSFA before accepting the loan.
Primary care loan. A low interest loan administered by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It is available to school students pursuing medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, and podiatry. Undergraduate pharmacology students are also eligible. To be eligible for this loan, the student must commit to working in the field of primary care. It was formerly known as the health professions student loan (HPSL).
Per-Processor Core License. A license which grants the right to use a software product by an unlimited number of users on a single processor core. One PCL is required for each active processor core on a system or hard partition.
Production Centre License. Produces chocolate for its own sales organisation. There are three types of PCLs: Manual - all equipment is operated by hand. Semi-Automated - part of the production process is automated with machinery. Fully Automated - all of the production process is automated with machinery. Most Production Centres begin with the manual process then progressing to semi-automation and finally, full automation.
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Pacific Crossing Limited