Definitions for "PCa"
Propulsion Controlled Aircraft
Patient-controlled analgesia. A method in which the patient controls the amount of pain medicine that is used. When pain relief is needed, the person can receive a preset dose of pain medicine by pressing a button on a computerized pump that is connected to a small tube in the body.
patient controlled analgesia, or PCA, is a method of administering pain medication that is activated by the patient.
Power Calibration Area: a space reserved at the beginning of the disc for calibrating the laser to record to that disc.
Located before the Lead-In-Area, the PCA is where the OPC test is performed to find the optimum laser power setting for the writing laser and write strategy. "Running OPC" is another technique that we use in our CD Recorders to monitor and maintain write quality throughout the recording session.
ower alibration rea of a recordable or rewritable disc that precedes lead-in and the PMA, where the optimum laser power level for writing can be determined by a recording drive.
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Printed Circuit Assembly. Also known as Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Acronym for printed circuit assembly.
Printed circuit assembly; refers to a printed wiring board (PWB) stuffed with electrical components.
Portland Cement Association
Portland Cement Assocation.
Principal Components Analysis. a linear multivariate ordination technique that determines a reduced set of coordinate axes.
principal component analysis
Principal Components Analysis. A statistical technique for reducing the number of bands in an image by generating a series of components, each of which is an uncorrelated combination of raw bands. The first few components will contain most of the information found within all the raw bands.
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Polar Cap Absorption. An anomalous condition of the polar ionosphere whereby HF and VHF radiowaves are absorbed, and LF and VLF radiowaves are reflected at lower altitudes than normal. In practice, the absorption is inferred from the proton flux at energies greater than 10 MeV, so that PCAs and proton events are simultaneous. Transpolar radio paths may still be disturbed for days, up to weeks, following the end of a proton event.
See Polar Cap Absorption.
Personal Care Attendant
Personal Care Account. the amount provided to each participant on the UK Health First plan (a consumer driven health plan) to be used for first dollar coverage of covered services. For the 2003-2004 plan year, the amount provided is $500 per participant.
Personal Care Aide. a trained individual who provides personal care such as bathing, dressing, assisting with personal hygiene, meal preparation, laundry, errands and light housekeeping.
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Parks Canada Agency.
Pre-Claims Assistance, formerly a Request for Collection Assistance (RCA), activities that guaranty agencies were required to perform to encourage repayment by borrowers with delinquent student loans. PCA was replaced by Default Aversion Assistance (DAA) on Feb. 15, 1999.
Private Collection Agency ( link to)
or PCA-Rx- a product sold which says it chelates heavy metals. One of a few products which come up on the list repeatedly. PCA is made by Maxam labs
passive cutaneous anaphylaxis
Program Configuration Audit
Acronym for physical configuration audit. [IEEE Stds Glossary
Proffered Condition Amendment
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Plate count agar
Pen Collectors of America: nationwide collector-run nonprofit organization
See prostate carcinoma
Abbreviation for prostate cancer.
Policy Certificate Authority; This is a 'top-level' authority that provides the link between organisational Certificate Authorities (CA's) so that secure messaging can also be used between different organisations.
Primary Certification Authority
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PCAnywhere Registry Backup
Permanent Court of Arbitration
Permanent Change of Assignment
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Priority Conservation Area
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Program Code Appendix
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Person/Collect Announcement
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password call acceptance
Project Cooperation Agreement