Definitions for "PBT"
polybutylene terephthalate (polyester)
polybutylterephalate, a type of polyester used as an engineering plastic and, for specialist uses, in the form of a fibre.
Polybuthlene Therephthalate (Thermoplastic Polyester Resin).
Preliminary Breathalyzer Test
Preliminary breath tests: a roadside test by police using a portable breath-alcohol tester to measure a suspect's intoxication level. Results of this test may be used to establish probable cause for arrest. (A test that can be used to arrest you even thought you are not allowed to see the results of the the test and testing device is not accurate.)
Preliminary breath test - hand held machine used for probable cause purposes only.
a material that is considered to be Persistent in the environment, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic to fish and wildlife. Phthalates are often improperly referred to as PBTs although they do not have the same characteristics that genuine PBT materials possess (see Bioaccumulation).
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In a profiling operation, the file generated by the PREP program and used as input to the PLIST program to generate a human-readable profile of the source code. See also profiler, profiler batch input file, profiler batch output file.
Profiler Binary Table
Perimeter Balance Technology- Compensating the weight of the valve and guranteeing 100% shooting accuracy with perfect ballistic trajectory.
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People for Better Treatment
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Profit before tax.
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