Definitions for "PBM"
Pharmacy Benefit Management Company
Pharmacy Benefits Manager. An entity that monitors prescription claims for an HMO and tracks the drugs and volume prescribed by the plan's participating physicians.
pharmacy benefit manager. An entity that processes pharmacy claims, manages drug formularies, and negotiates manufacturer rebates and pharmacy discounts on behalf of its clients.
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PBM is an American rock band based out of Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 1997 by lead singer Nate Castle and trumpet player Tom Torrento, PBM (Poor Boy Music) has released two full length albums - Overview (2003) and One Sip at a Time (2006).
The portable bitmap format is a flexible bitmap representation introduced by the PBMplus package. The PBMplus utilities allow for the conversion of PBM format files to and from almost anything else. The PBM format (and all the utilities) are described in the manpages that accompany the PBMplus toolkit distribution. The PBM toolkit and many other X11 graphics utilities can read and write PBM files (e.g. XV).
UNIX Portable Bitmap PBM Portable Bit Map Graphic
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Planification des besoins matières
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Martin PBM Mariner
Play by Mail, in which a game is played by sending "moves" through the mail to a remote opponent.
The acronym PBM originally referred to Play-by-mail games [PBM], a form of entertainment popular in the 1970s through the early 1990s.
Positive bag matching. Aircraft will not leave unless passenger checking bag is on board.