Definitions for "Payments"
Keywords:  coserv, aaddzz, total, amount, bill
The total amount of funds CoServ has received up to the date a bill was generated.
In an Aaddzz Account Statement, payments is the total amount of all checks issued to you during the month.
Keywords:  tuition, meals, debits, money, cancel
Money paid to the University toward meeting the cost of tuition, fees, housing, meals or other educational expenses or fines incurred by a student.
Money you pay out, for example, on materials you need for your business, interest on loans, money for services such as gas & electricity.
Every month you are required to put money towards what you owe which is considered your monthly payment.
Cash payments that were made in a given period to suppliers, payable, and employees.
Keywords:  beginning, advance, period
advance payments are made at the beginning of the period of use.