Definitions for "Payment Terms"
Keywords:  invoice, ptc, remit, customary, days
These are the conditions you negotiate for payment of your invoices, such as "net 30" (or payment due in 30 days).
In the list business, it is customary to remit payment within 30 days of mail date, unless other arrangements are made in advance and approved by the list owner or their agent.
Terms under which buyer will pay seller for purchases. Payment terms may range from cash-in-advance to open account with extended payment terms such as payment 120 days from date of purchase. A common term is 2/10, N/30: 2% may be deducted from the face amount of the invoice if paid within 10 days, or the invoice must be paid in full in 30 days.
Generally, the shipper is responsible for payment of prepaid shipments and the consignee is responsible on collect shipment. Payments may also be handled by a third party indicated as payor on the shipping papers.
Other than an initial deposit on exchange of contracts, there is no further capital outlay for the property until completion. With typical build times of between 12 to 18 months, this gives you the potential for substantially better returns than buying finished properties.
The customer attribute that determines due dates, discount dates and amounts, and due and discount grace periods.
The terms arranged between affiliates and merchants for merchants to compensate affiliates, such as flat fee, per click rate, percentage, etc.