Definitions for "Payment Processor"
These companies are the credit card processors of the internet, and all money for just about everything sold over the internet goes through one of them at one point or another. When a surfer buys something from a website, the payment processor is the company that actually handles the credit card verification, billing the sale to the customer's card, and most importantly giving the money to the merchant that made the sale (all for a fee of course, and with adult sales that fee can be as high as 17%). Payment processors are also sometimes the companies that do the "behind the scenes" grunt work for affiliate programs, keeping track of what an affiliate earns for a sale and paying the affiliate. This is generally in the case of smaller programs.
The payment gateway, or payment processor, enables you to authorize, process and manage online transactions. VeriSign Payment Services enables your business to authorize, process and manage online transactions. Find out more about
Enables websites to accept credit card details with real-time confirmation and electronic settlement.
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An online money handling facility.