Definitions for "Payee"
The person to whom money is to be, or has been, paid; the person named in a bill or note, to whom, or to whose order, the amount is promised or directed to be paid. See Bill of exchange, under Bill.
This is the name of the person to whom the cheque is made payable.
The person in whose name a benefit is issued. See: Payee;
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The payee is the recipient of an ACH transaction or wire.
Designated recipient of a distribution.
The receiver of payments made on behalf of recipients of the Medicaid program and services provided by enrolled Medicaid providers. Payor Local government entities that have entered into an agreement with HFS to pay for medical services on behalf of Medicaid recipients. This may include, but is not limited to mental health (708) boards, counties, municipalities, and other government payors.
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The benefactor of a claim.
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The name of the provider or enrollee that a check is issued to.
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see merchant