Definitions for "pax"
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The kiss of peace; also, the embrace in the sanctuary now substituted for it at High Mass in Roman Catholic churches.
A tablet or board, on which is a representation of Christ, of the Virgin Mary, or of some saint and which, in the Mass, was kissed by the priest and then by the people, in mediæval times; an osculatory. It is still used in communities, confraternities, etc.
Goddess of peace. Her festivals are January 3 and 30 and July 4.
PAX is the name for proteins that are member of a family of transcription factors, which have among other functions restricted expression and essential functions in the developing pancreas. For example, mice without PAX4 do not develop pancreatic beta and delta cells and thus die after birth due to diabetes.
name derived from Drosophila gene " pa ired" (prd) with a bo domain. Transcription factor of the helix-turn-helix structural family, DNA binding, and activating gene expression. In human, nine member proteins from Pax-1 to Pax-9. (More? Molecular Factors - Pax | Molecular Notes)
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Picture Archival Transmission
IEEE Std 1003.2 (POSIX.2) standard. By default, it creates archives in ustar format, also defined by the POSIX standard. Rather than sort out the incompatible options that have crept up between tar and cpio, along with their implementations across various versions of UNIX, the IEEE designed a new archive utility.
Friendship, or a friend; -- esp. in the phrases to make pax with, to make friends with, to be good pax, to be good friends; also, truce; -- used esp. interjectionally.
Private Automatic Exchange. It likes PABX but only for internal calls.
PAX Use to build dynamic content webpages, services or online applications.
The number of people expected to attend the conference or event.