Definitions for "Pav"
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pah VAY] lit., paved. Numerous small gemstones set close together.
French for cobblestone, the most popular shape for high-end chocolates, square with rounded edges.
French for "cobblestone," it can refer to a rectangular filled layer cake, or to a square of meat, fish, etc.
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tjockt skuren biff thickly cut rump steak
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Parallel access volume. PAVs are logical addresses that allow your system to access a single volume from a single host with multiple concurrent requests.
Permissible Annual Volume. maximum volume of water to be taken from a stream or aquifer.
Permissible Annual Volume (assoc. with GSPA)
Proportional Assist Ventilation. A mode of ventilatory support in which the level of mechanical assistance varies with patient demand
Powered attic ventilator.
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Pavilion depth measurement in percent.
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Personal Air Vehicle