Definitions for "Patten"
Keywords:  mud, cork, shoe, undersole, overshoe
A clog or sole of wood, usually supported by an iron ring, worn to raise the feet from the wet or the mud.
A wood, leather, or cork undersole which was fastened on the foot by straps and buckles and worn out-of-doors to protect the hose and soft shoes.
Usually an overshoe whose purpose it was to raise the foot off the ground (out of the mud?) by means of metal, cork or wood.
Keywords:  stilt
A stilt.
Keywords:  wodden, sandal
A wodden sandal.
Keywords:  ruc, christopher, friday, peace, police
Christopher Patten, head of team that was commissioned by the Good Friday Agreement to examine the RUC and recommend changes necessary to improve the police force so that the peace process could move forward