Definitions for "Patriarch"
The father and ruler of a family; one who governs his family or descendants by paternal right; -- usually applied to heads of families in ancient history, especially in Biblical and Jewish history to those who lived before the time of Moses.
A dignitary superior to the order of archbishops; as, the patriarch of Constantinople, of Alexandria, or of Antioch.
The title of the Jewish leaders in Judea. A title given to a Christian bishop
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pa·tri·arch The oldest member or representative of a group.
oldest male who is head of a family or clan
Title of a wealthy landowner of the Uppsalian Empire.
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For other senses, see Patriarch (disambiguation).
A venerable old man; an elder. Also used figuratively.
the founder of a school and his successors in the transmission of its teaching.
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a man who is older and higher in rank than yourself
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a man who has personally encountered God