Definitions for "pathology"
The science which treats of diseases, their nature, causes, progress, symptoms, etc.
The condition of an organ, tissue, or fluid produced by disease.
Study of changes in diseased cells and tissues.
This folder contains 4 databases: Pathology Archives I, II, & III and Hematology. Hematology is a collection of slides originally authored by Virginia Minnich. The physical slides are available in the Media Center. The Pathology Archives are the databases that were used several years ago. The current Pathology course materials are available under the curric\WUSM2 folder. Dr. Crouch, coursemaster for Pathology, uses these databases to archive pathology images.
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a rambler's association
(Reber) An abnormal condition or biological state in which proper functioning is prevented.
Abnormal changes in structure and function of an organ or part of an organ.
focuses on services in a laboratory and is responsible the quality of lab services the interpretation of biopsies.
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Irritants that may start growth of cancer cells.