Definitions for "Patches"
Keywords:  shims, filler, glued, veneer, defects
Filler material inserted into defects of veneers or panels for repair.
Insertions of filler material or sound wood plugs or shims placed and glued into veneers or panels from which defective portions have been removed.
Insertions of fillers or sound wood placed land glued into panels from which defective portions have been removed or are missing.
Distinctive additions to the insides or outsides of game-worn jerseys that honor special people, celebrate special events, or highlight team and league anniversaries.
Generally an embroidered patch affixed to jersey's breast or sleeve and of a commemorative or memorial nature.
Patches are updates that fix a particular problem or vulnerability within a program. Sometimes, instead of just releasing a patch, vendors will release an upgraded version of their software, although they may refer to the upgrade as a patch. Make sure to apply relevant patches to your computer as soon as possible so that your system is protected. Also see Software Assurance
'Patches' or security updates will update your security software so you are protected against the latest scams and tricks used by fraudsters, so your computer is better protected.
Small sections of fur with a color foreign to the standard of the rabbit.
small, isolated remnants of a larger habitat type
also variously known as programs, timbres, or voices. The name used for the sounds that can be generated by a MIDI device.
Some drugs can be absorbed into the body via a skin patch. Research into dopamine agonist skin patches is in progress.
A descriptor, BC, used only to report fog that occurs in patches at the airport.