Definitions for "Pasteup"
1) to combine art elements (type, illustrations, lines, photographs, etc.) into a unified whole, using manual tools and wax/adhesives or using a computerized system to manipulate and combine the art elements into a whole page. 2) same as "mechanical" - the term for a camera-ready piece of artwork, including type, photos, line art, all attached to one sheet or matte board.
The composition of a page by assembling the disparate page elements, either manually or electronically, into a mechanical or other form of camera-ready copy.
Traditionally, the process of assembling mechanicals by pasting galleys and line art in place. In desktop publishing, traditional pasteup has largely been replaced by electronic page assembly.
Preparation of type and illustrations, sometimes pasted, on flats or boards for photomechanical reproduction.
Keywords:  layout, graphics, text, page, place
A page layout with all graphics and text in place.