Definitions for "paste-up"
The process of physically adhering artwork, galleys, and other type to a paste board other substrate, usually with hot wax or other adhesive. Also, the product of the paste-up process.
1) The department which turns typeset material into finished pages ready for camera. 2) The act of preparing finished pages from typeset material. 3) Sometimes refers to the artwork itself which has been prepared for the camera, which can also be called "mechanicals."
Camera-ready art work properly positioned on one page for a print order. Also called a mechanical.
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A composition of a flat object on a board or other backing; as, they showed him a paste-up of the book jacket.
the location on a flat plate coil stamp (or, more commonly, on a pair or more of such stamps) where two sheets of flat plate stamps were pasted together. Rolls of coil stamps were made from lengths of flat plate sheets that were 20 stamps long. Thus a paste-up is normally found at intervals of 20 stamps.
The pasting of copy onto an original, may also be used to refer to pages mechanically pasted together to form larger originals i.e. 8 ½ x 11 sheets pasted-up to form printer-spread 11 x 17 originals
Similar to Mock-Up, but even more visually directed; frequently includes cut-up galleys of text pasted into place.
the integration of graphics with text, either electronic or manual.
A mounted assembly of graphics prior to reproduction.