Definitions for "pasta"
Any of a variety of edible unleavened doughey preparations made from flour, eggs and water, originating in Italy, and shaped into various forms, such as solid strings (as spaghetti), hollow tubes, or layered squares (ravioli). They may be mixed with various sauces, often having a tomato base, or filled with meat or cheese fillings.
General term used to describe any shape of macaroni product or egg noodles
Meaning "paste" in Italian, refers to the dough made by combining durum wheat flour and semolina with a liquid usually water or milk. The term pasta is used to refer to hundreds of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and colors of pasta. Pasta comes in both dried and fresh forms. Fresh pasta needs to be refrigerated, but dried pasta will last almost indefinitely in a cool dry place in an airtight container. As a rule use light sauces with delicate pastas and heavy sauces with thicker pastas.
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ou manteiga de amendoim
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Chicken's other half
an ancient food and fundamental to Italian life
a popular kind of food in North America