Definitions for "passwords "
Passwords is a program that stores passwords and additional data in a secure database. Its main focus is on quick and easy usage as well as robustness and flexibility in terms of the encryption technique. The encryption method is completely configurable because it does not do this itself. Instead the cleartext database is filtered through an external application for encryption.
A private series of alphanumeric symbols that allow access to PTWin32 based on the identity of the user.
A widely used method to allow only authorised people access to secured areas. However, passwords can be forgotten, stolen or even transferred to unauthorised people. Therefore passwords do not provide sufficient security for most sensitive areas.
A secret sequence of characters that is used as a means of authentication.
Words, codes or sets of characters used to identify a user and permit access to a computer system.
UNIX passwords are 8 characters in length and can include almost any character that can be typed. Upper and lower case characters are different. The characters which cannot (or should not) be used include #, @, DEL, and backspace.
Passwords are highly confidential, should be changed often, should never be posted, should be secured in confidential locations, and should never be shared with anyone. Users should change their passwords frequently and should avoid using their names or any other password that could easily be guessed.
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