Definitions for "Passion"
A suffering or enduring of imposed or inflicted pain; any suffering or distress (as, a cardiac passion); specifically, the suffering of Christ between the time of the last supper and his death, esp. in the garden upon the cross.
Passion week. See Passion week, below.
To suffer pain or sorrow; to experience a passion; to be extremely agitated.
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One of the seven modes. Its positive pole is self-actualization; its negative pole is identification. In passion mode, one releases one's energy boundlessly, downward and outward.
Passion is the third album by British pop singer Geri Halliwell, released on June 6, 2005 (see 2005 in music), in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Canada. It has not received an American release.
Passion is a 2004 album by K-Pop singer Lee Jung-hyun. In a change from her previous output, the music is Latin-influenced rather than purely techno.
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Capacity of being affected by external agents; susceptibility of impressions from external agents.
The state of the mind when it is powerfully acted upon and influenced by something external to itself; the state of any particular faculty which, under such conditions, becomes extremely sensitive or uncontrollably excited; any emotion or sentiment (specifically, love or anger) in a state of abnormal or controlling activity; an extreme or inordinate desire; also, the capacity or susceptibility of being so affected; as, to be in a passion; the passions of love, hate, jealously, wrath, ambition, avarice, fear, etc.; a passion for war, or for drink; an orator should have passion as well as rhetorical skill.
the Force of emotions and feelings. Governed by Venus, Goddess of Passion.
a dignified study of foie gras and a beautifully illustrated work, rich in its international selection of recipes
intense feelings of physiological arousal and excitement.
the fifth new P of marketing. Cybermarketers must be passionate about their Internet commerce site. The Internet is an exciting communication channel and the web site business needs to persuade the consumer to visit the web site. (p. 87)
"Passion" is episode 17 of season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. See also List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes.
The state of being acted upon; subjection to an external agent or influence; a passive condition; -- opposed to action.
an accident, and, for accidents, to be is to be in a subject
a per se accident convertible with its subject
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something that is desired intensely; "his rage for fame destroyed him"
a feeling of strong sexual desire
a God given-desire that compels us to make a difference in a particular ministry
an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action
prerequisite for all volunteers and staff involved in development and fundraising
an exercise in monomania of the most appealing sort
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Disorder of the mind; madness.
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a frustrated power to act
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Teaching is not a profession; it's a passion. Unknown
(Reaction). The reception of an effect from another.
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To give a passionate character to.
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an original existence,