Definitions for "PASCHAL CANDLE"
Keywords:  easter, vigil, candle, baptisms, casket
Tall candle, ornamented with a cross, nails, incense and the digits of the present year. The new paschal candle is lighted for the first time during the Vigil of Easter, and is lighted on the Sundays from Easter to Ascension, symbolizing Christ?s forty days on earth after his resurrection. Also lighted during baptisms and funerals.
The very large candle, standing on its own, that is first lit at the Easter Vigil service. It is often decorated with the sign of the cross, and the greek letters alpha and omega.
"Paschal" is another word for Easter. The paschal candle is new every Easter, and is blessed at the Easter Vigil. It is lit during the Easter Season, for baptisms and for funerals.