Definitions for "Pascal"
A high-level programming language named for the French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-1662). Developed in the early 1770s by Niklaus Wirth for teaching programming and designed to support the concept of structured programming. Easy to learn and often the first language taught in school.
A programming language useful for procedure oriented application programming.
A programming language taught in high school and college computer-science courses because it stresses a systematic approach to problem solving.
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Force of one Newton exerted over an area of one square meter.
the SI unit of pressure, abbreviated to Pa.
the SI unit of measurement of pressure; equivalent to N/m2.
Pascal is a masculine given name derived from the Latin paschalis, in turn from the Hebrew pesach, which means to be born on, or to be associated with, Passover day. The names Paschal, Pasqual, Pasquale, Pascali, Pascha, Pace, Pascoe and Pasco are all variations of Pascal. The feminine form is Pascale or Pascalle.
Pascal is a lunar crater that lies near the northern limb of the Moon, on the western side of the pole. It is located to the north of the eroded Desargues crater, and just east of the Brianchon crater. Pascal can be located by finding the Carpenter crater and then following the surface to the northwest toward the limb.
Paramagnetism is a type of magnetism characterized by a positive magnetic susceptibility, so that the material becomes weakly magnetized in the direction of an external field. The magnetization disappears when the field in removed.
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a fantastic cook
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Pascal is the stage name of drum and bass DJ and producer Pascal Redpath.
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PMIS Preliminary interviews