Definitions for "Partnering"
PennDOT joining with an outside group, agency etc. to work together toward a common goal. In construction contracts, partnering is a formal contract process. Partnering was developed in the 1980s by the Corps of Engineers.
Working with people or organizations, outside your own organization, to create a working environment that is mutually beneficial.
A formal team building process among diverse entities that are working towards a common goal. The terminology has developed around the construction industry wherein the owner, contractor, engineer, and construction manager staff spend time at the start of a project developing mutual goals and objectives to improve project communications and responsiveness that will result in fewer problems and claims during the project. The team building is done under the direction of a facilitator.
For a male dancer, this includes lifting, catching and carrying a partner, and assisting with leaps. This largely replaces pointwork at moderately advanced levels for male dancers. For a female dancer, it includes being lifted, carried, and being assisted with or caught after leaps.
In dance, partnering is the assistance and sometimes leading given to a partner, most normally of the opposite gender.
An outsourcing technique in which a company establishes long-term relationships with a relatively small group of higher performance vendors.