Definitions for "PARTICIPATES"
Keywords:  obc, obp, ibc, strictly, tariff
When this column is used, it refers to pricing in other tariffs in which the specific account participates. When this is the only column heading, the information provided is strictly for the purpose of cross referencing additional pricing provisions. It is included solely for the convenience of the tariff user and will not alter application of the referenced provisions in any way. When "PARTICIPATES" is combined with any other columns, such as "ACCOUNT LOCATION," "TERRITORIAL APPLICATION," and "CODE," the provisions under the "PARTICIPATES" column provide for use of specific base rates. The application of these rates is restricted by the columns shown in connection with the "PARTICIPATES" column. When the "CODE" column is blank or contains "- - -", the specific application will be MD1 2, OBP, OBC and MD1 3, IBC.
Keywords:  oma, actor, role, instance, contrast
A relationship that indicates the role that an instance plays in a modeling element. For example, a class participates in an association, an actor participates in a use case. Contrast: participate [OMA].