Definitions for "Participants"
All of the people, whether customers or workers, who are involved in the service production.
National service participants who have disabilities and who were interviewed the service and inclusion project.
Participants as defined under the Regulations, who engage with the Commission include the following groups: electricity retailers electricity distributors electricity generators line owners electricity consumers connected directly to the grid people who purchase electricity from the clearing manager service providers metering equipment owners ancillary service agents data administrators payee generators, ancillary service agents, and the system operator in relation to payment for ancillary service administrative costs.
Individuals who actually make deposits into their 401(k) plan. Not all employees become participants or are eligible to participate. articipant Directed - The plan participants are provided the opportunity to direct their own retirement assets/dollars by making investment choice in funds that more closely meet their specific goals and objectives. Trustee Directed plans do not permit the participants to invest their own assets, but rather, the assets are invested in investments selected by the plan's Trustees.
The users of a particular course or worksite. Participants are granted different privileges based on their Roles.
Customers who choose to participate in DSM programs offered by a utility.
all those directly involved in a complaint including complainants, subjects, parties and adversely affected persons, but not other interested persons.