Definitions for "Parsley"
Keywords:  curly, garnish, peppery, herb, crispum
An aromatic umbelliferous herb (Carum Petroselinum), having finely divided leaves which are used in cookery and as a garnish.
This is a slightly peppery herb which is used as a flavoring and a garnish.
Herb used as flavouring and garnish or eaten as a vegetable. Available as curly or flat-leafed varieties.
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Maadanose Mint Naanaa
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Ajmoda Spices
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To dream of parsley, denotes hard-earned success, usually the surroundings of the dreamer are healthful and lively. To eat parsley, is a sign of good health, but the care of a large family will be your portion.
No kitchen should be without a good supply of this...