Definitions for "Parsing"
(n.) process whereby a compiler analyzes the syntax of a program to establish the relationship among operators, operands, and other tokens of a program. Parsing does not involve any semantic analysis.
This is an alternative name for syntax analysis.
The use of algorithms to analyze data into components.
Breaking down linguistic data into working components such as lexemes or phrases.
An SGML parser is a computer application that breaks down an SGML-coded document into a series of logical elements and checks that these elements conform to the model defined in the associated document type declaration. When parsing a document, the SGML parser: Checks each new character to see if it is part of a general delimiter string that identifies the start of a piece of markup. Checks whether or not the character is a short reference delimiter that needs to be expanded. Checks if the character is a separator character that should be ignored. Identifies the various markup tags, identifying any entities that need to be expanded or recalled from external sources. Checks if identified markup tags are valid according to the declared model.
When a computer program examines a set of values, and breaks it into fields, words or commands based on some separator. A spell checker program parses the words to check by looking for spaces and punctuation.
Parsing data refers to the process by which programming data input is broken into smaller, more distinct chunks of information that can be more easily interpreted and acted upon.
The breakdown of a field into its components. For instance, our Address Correction software parses the address into its distinct components: ZIP code, city, state, house number, street name, and so on.
the process through which the mind works out the grammatical structure and meaning of the sentence. whether top-down or bottom-up
Parsing is the act whereby a document is scanned, and the information contained within the document is filtered into the context of the elements in which the information is structured.
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The process by which records within a data file are converted to tags.