Definitions for "parser"
Keywords:  syntactic, grammar, dtd, sgml, lexical
An algorithm or program used to determine the structure of a sentence in some language. Syntactic parsers determine syntactic structure, taking the POS marked tokens from a lexical analyser as its input. Morphological parsers take a word form as input and return as its analysis a structure of morphemes.
A component of the FunnelWeb program that processes the token list generated by the scanner and produces a macro table and a document list. The parser mainly analyses the input file at the syntactic level, but also does some lightweight semantic checking too.
the program (skotos-side) that checks commands entered into the client for validity. It then translates your command into an action, some of which can be seen by others in the game. Sometimes we make disparaging remarks about the parser, but really, I'm grateful for the work Skotos has done with it -- I'm grateful I can play at all (what a fabulous game!)
a state machine that accepts a string of tokens, bounded by start() and end() and modifies a QueryTranslator
a tool that breaks down messages into recognized strings of characters for further analysis
Component of the Prolog system which converts character strings into Prolog terms.
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software routines within UC-eLinks which process the OpenURL and build links (URLs) to services offered in the UC-eLinks menu window
a computerprogram that carries out this task
an academic example which would cover only few aspects of FSM and is probably to abstract to my friend
a function taking a functional instream as argument
a function that after performing one step (e
a function that transforms a state into a list of value, state pairs
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PHP point pretty-printer pseudo-random numbers
a tool for programmers or Web designers only
a tool that can transform a text (such as, for example, this one) into a data structure that captures (part of) its meaning
an algorithm and can be implemented in any language
a component included with Network Monitor that can separate the fields of a protocol header and display their structure and values
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One who parses.