Definitions for "Parity"
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The property of being even or odd; as, 3 has odd parity, but 6 has even parity.
The property of having an even or odd number of bits set to the value of 1 (as opposed to 0); -- applied to bytes or larger groups of bits in a data structure. It is used mostly in the process of parity checking. The parity of a data structure can be changed by changing the value of the parity bit.
The use of a self-checking code in a computer employing binary digits in which the total number of l's or 0's in each permissible code expression is always even or always odd.
The quality or condition of being equal or equivalent; a like state or degree; equality; equivalence; close correspondence; analogy; as, parity of reasoning.
A constant state or equal value.
A condition that occurs when the market value of a convertible bond is equal to the market value of the common stock.
The condition of having borne a child or children, alive or dead.
The number of different times a female has had offspring.
the number of children borne by a woman
(1) Foreign exchange dealer's slang for your price is the correct market price. (2) Official rates in terms of SDR or other pegging currency.
Rate at which a unit of currency can be exchanged for a statutorily agreed reference item, e.g. a fixed amount of gold, SDRs or other currencies (official parity).
A property assigned to elementary particles, conceptualized as a form of symmetry, representing the fact that no fundamental distinctions can be observed between right-handed and left-handed systems of particles in their interactions, and supported by the typical observation that the total parity of a system is unchanged as particles are created or annihilated; however, certain interactions involving the weak force have been shown to violate the principle of conservation of parity.
(physics) parity is conserved in a universe in which the laws of physics are the same in a right-handed system of coordinates as in a left-handed system
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Essentially endgame advantage. The ability to get the last move in all regions of the board. Re: the last eight moves of the game.
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A term used to describe an in-the-money option contract's total premium when tha...
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see Crease assignment.
Equivalence in value to the currency of another country.
A property of the wave function of a system, which takes the value of +1 or -1, indicating whether the value of the wave function changes sign if each of the variables of the system is replaced by its negative.
equivalent in value.
participating dividend payout ratio
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Parity of a node on a graph
A term used to denote that shares or commodities are the same price in different markets.
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See Purchasing Power Parity.
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Par Rate.