Definitions for "parent"
One who begets, or brings forth, offspring; a father or a mother.
A parent means a natural or adoptive parent of a child; a guardian, (but not the state if the child is a ward of the state); a person acting in the place of a parent (such as a grandparent or stepparent with whom the child lives, or a person who is legally responsible for the child's welfare; or a surrogate parent who has been appointed in accordance with the steps outline in this handbook.
A biological or adoptive mother or father, or a legal guardian or custodian.
A radionuclide that upon decay yields a specified nuclide (the daughter) either directly or as a later member of a radioactive decay series.
3/4 Of a nuclide, that radioactive nuclide from which it is formed by decay.
nucleus which, in cell division, divides, and gives rise to two or more daughter nuclei.
The member (or concept) that is one level up in a concept hierarchy from another member. The parent value is usually a consolidation of all of its children's values.
bring up; "raise a family"; "bring up children"
a guardian who is supposed to raise their children, not just pop them out and let them run wild and free
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From XML Path Language (XPath) ( 1999-11-16) Every node other than the root node has exactly one parent, which is either an element node or the root node.
The next higher level NODE in the TREE hierarchy.
A procedure that directly calls the given procedure. Contrast with ancestor.
In a firm that has one or more subsidiaries, especially a multinational corporation, the portion of the firm that owns and ultimately controls the others.
a company that controls effectively other companies, and the other companies are subsidiaries
an enterprise that has one or more subsidiaries
A parent is a corporation, partnership, or individual that directly or indirectly owns, controls or holds with power to vote more than 50% of the outstanding voting securities of a pure captive insurance company.
Corporation. A corporation that owns at least a majority of another corporation's voting securities.
A "parent" of a specified person is an affiliated person who controls the specified person directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries.
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Smith & Nephew plc.
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a blog about a dad's up and down journey raising three kids and all the things that come along with being a mom and dad in the same household
a terrible thing to waste
philosophy podcast PreparedStatement provinces
a commercial fisher during the summer, but also works as a janitor in the school the remainder of the year
an alum from a school with a big-time sports program
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Chain letter L is a parent of letter C if C is a copy of L.
a link in a chain of progress towards a mysterious, yet enticing end
Second oldest copy of a file. 12.21 Parker, D., 12.26
In PowerAda, the associated specification of a package body or subprogram body. The parent of a subunit or task is the body in which it was declared.
An object's parent is the item that it is currently inside or possessed by. The parent of the object that represents the player is the location they are currently in.
An object that is extended by another object.
commit object contains a (possibly empty) list of the logical predecessor(s) in the line of development, i.e. its parents. Ancestry information can be changed (faked) using grafts.
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a fan too, not only to our sons but the entire team
a FAN, unless they happen to be one of the coaches on the field
That which produces; cause; source; author; begetter; as, idleness is the parent of vice.
an authority figure
The source or "original" virtual machine from which you take a snapshot or make a clone. A full clone has no continued link to its parent, but a linked clone and a snapshot each depend on the parent in an ongoing manner. If you delete the parent virtual machine, any linked clone or snapshot becomes permanently disabled. To prevent deletion, you can create a template virtual machine. See also Full clone, Linked clone, Snapshot, and Template.
a biweekly newsletter published on-line by the National PTA
a relative within the third degree of consanguinity
The frameset window that generated the current frame
The parent of the current goal is a goal that, in its attempt to obtain a successful solution to itself, is calling the current goal.
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In an XML structure, an element in a level directly above another.
The next item above the current item or element in the strategy map or organisation chart
the name of the data element under which a given data element may occur. A parent element may be an extended or a standard element.
A legally responsible adult that has one or more Players registered for participation within WSYSA District IV
a member that has a branch below it
an integral member of an ARD Committee
A term occasionally substituted for superclass.
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a priest to their family
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This is the term we use for good parents (as opposed to breeders).
A soul that has participated in the creation of another new soul at soul level. The environment within which this happens is as diverse as the cultures that exist at this level. You can create a soul on your own or you can combine material with other souls (there is no limit). Some soul cultures treat this process with great care. One soul culture we visited kept a database of all its residents and then when a new soul was needed then an analysis would be made exploring all the different combinations of material possible within the residential database to get the best combination possible. In other soul cultures it is more natural or driven by other criteria. Few souls have defined purposes as far as we can tell. Those that we have found that do are usually made with a less than freeing function - for example to serve / assist other souls.
a top-level identification of an entity, which is hierarchically structured in country level aggregates and single account numbers (local level branches aggregates)
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an active participant in the IEP Team meeting and must be given the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, and input regarding the IEP
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(Data Warehousing Guide; search in this book)
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a bigger influence than any video game
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a lot to lose
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A Message Server entry that owns another entry: for example, a folder is the parent of a message within it.
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(RM,TM) The relation on the "one" (PK) side of a one-to-many association. association.php
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See 'inheritance'
the material or source from which something is derived.
A computer whose shared directory domain provides configuration information to another computer.
In manufacturing, an item that has one or more components.
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A run unit that has created another run unit or a window that has opened another window.