Definitions for "Paramita"
These are the six virtues, or "perfections," that the bodhisattva perfects during his development. They are: generosity, discipline, patience, energy, meditation ( jhana) and wisdom ( prajna). The fifth paramita is meditation, or jhana. It refers to the attainment of the four levels of jhana in which non-duality is experienced. The sixth paramita is that of supreme wisdom (prajna).
It means to cross over from this shore of births and deaths to the other shore which is the Nirvana. The Six Paramita or means of so doings are (1) dana - charity/giving (2) sila - moral/conduct/taking precepts (3) ksanti - patience (4) virya - vigor/devotion/energy (5) dhyana - contemplation/meditation (6) prajna - wisdom. The Ten Paramita are the above plus (7) upaya - use of expedient or proper means (8) pranidhana - vow of bodhi and helpfulness (9) bala - strength (10) intelligence Childers gives the list of ten as the perfect exercise of charity/almsgiving, morality, renunciation, wisdom, energy/effort, patience, truth, resolution/determination, kindness/universal love and resignation/equanimity. Each of the ten is divided into ordinary, superior and unlimited perfection, making up to thirty in total.
(Sanskrit and Pali) Perfection, ideal virtue.
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Paramita is a three-piece pop rock act in the Philippines that has been playing their own brand of music since 2003. Paramita is made up of Norman Dellosa on guitars, Alsey Cortez on bass, and Ria Bautista on drums and vocals. They had already finished recording their 10-track full-length album entitled Tala, which is now available at all major record bars in the Philippines under Vicor music Philippines.