Definitions for "Paragraph"
A distinct part of a discourse or writing; any section or subdivision of a writing or chapter which relates to a particular point, whether consisting of one or many sentences. The division is sometimes noted by the mark §, but usually, by beginning the first sentence of the paragraph on a new line and at more than the usual distance from the margin, also called indenting the line. See indentation{4}.
develops one idea with a series of logically connected sentences and may vary in length.
a unit of sentences arranged logic- ally to explain or describe an idea, event, or object; usually marked by indentation of the first line.
by default, a paragraph is considered to end at the next hard return for word processing files and up to the next blank line (i.e. two carriage returns in a row) for ASCII files.
A paragraph is defined as the text within two paragraph delimiters. A blank line constitutes a paragraph delimiter. The following characters at the beginning of a line are also paragraph delimiters: Space Tab @ - ' )
a contiguous sequence of non-blank lines separated by one or more blank lines
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a series of chunks and/or phrases
a series of Chunk s and/or Phrases
a basic textual building block
a block element) In the Stylesheet the div is used to set the width of the text
a block-level element, which means that it is rendered within a 'box'
Originally, a marginal mark or note, set in the margin to call attention to something in the text, e. g., a change of subject; now, the character §, commonly used in the text as a reference mark to a footnote, or to indicate the place of a division into sections.
A unit of text that begins and ends with the Enter keystroke.
divide into paragraphs, as of text; "This story is well paragraphed"
a common informational structure and is basic to seeing a Home Page as a narrative or story
a common informational structure and is basic to seeing a web site and its documents as a narrative or story
A brief composition complete in one typographical section or paragraph; an item, remark, or quotation comprised in a few lines forming one paragraph; as, a column of news paragraphs; an editorial paragraph.
a superset of a section
A paragraph is defined by a carriage return, so it can be one letter, one word, or several pages.
a formatted string which is word-wrapped to fit into the width of the widget
a list of words of the same part of speech all somehow related semantically (and represented by the headword)
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To mention in a paragraph or paragraphs
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See stanza
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a unit of discourse (e
period positive presence profusion
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To express in the compass of a paragraph; as, to paragraph an article.
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a visual cue for readers
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a group of verses which relate to the same subject matter
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a place for things that belong together
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To divide into paragraphs; to mark with the character §.
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a collection of
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Starts a new paragraph. See Document Structure.