Definitions for "Paperboard"
One of the two major product categories of the paper industry. Includes the broad classification of materials made of cellulose fibers, primarily wood pulp and recycled paper stock, on board machines. The major types are containerboard and boxboard. (The other major product group of the paper industry is paper, including printing and writing papers, packaging papers, newsprint and tissue.
A generic term that includes heavy classes of paper. The most common are paperboard packages, which include folding cartons for foods and medicine, set-up boxes for games and jewelry, milk and juice cartons, composite cans for frozen concentrates, and beverage carriers.
A heavyweight thick sheet of paper, usually a thickness of 0.06” or over.
Another name for this is chipwood. A light cardboard type of paper often used for cereal boxes and school supplies.
A paper product with a grammage that is higher than paper, but lower than cardboard. A distinction is made between single-layer and multilayer board. In the U.S., paperboard is often called “cover paper”.
Monolayer paperboard is basically thicker paper, frequently used in multilayers.
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A term sometimes used to describe lightweight board, or a heavy weight paper
Lightweight board in the range 200gsm - 300gsm.