Definitions for "PANS"
Peroxyacyl nitrates. Group of chemicals found in photochemical smog.
important components of photochemical smog formed from the reaction of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and sunlight. PANs are strong oxidants and can have a significant negative impact upon human health.
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Curiously enough, this stands for Pretty Amazing New Services/Stuff and is often used to describe ISDN capabilities.
Pretty awesome new stuff
Hard or cemented layers interfering with air, water and root penetration.
Soil horizons that are strongly compacted, cemented or have a high content of clay.
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Many vintage ceiling fixtures consisted of a pan that served as the central body, from which were hung shade holders (maybe on chains or rods), or arms that in turn supported the shade holders and shade. The pan may have been mounted directly to the ceiling or suspended from chain or rods . Fixtures suspended from very high ceilings may have a cluster between the main body and the canopy where multiple rods or chains are joined, which is then supported by a single rod or chain . A common variation on this theme is the "closed pan", with 2 to 5 arms, and a top or cover pan, from which the entire assembly was hung, often with chain to the canopy.