Definitions for "Panorama"
A complete view in every direction.
A comprehensive survey of a particular topic; also, a broad view of the development of a series of events.
A picture presenting a view of objects in every direction, as from a central point.
The first SGML browser for the World Wide Web. Panorama incorporates the DTD, navigation and style files. It is launched from an HTML browser when an SGML file is encountered.
Panorama is a right wing Italian newsmagazine. It was founded in 1962, and is currently owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi via Mondadori, the largest Italian publishing house. It is one of the two most prominent Italian weeklies, with a diffusion of 300.000, the other being L'Espresso.
Panorama is a long-running current affairs documentary series on BBC television, launched on 11 November 1953 and focusing on investigative journalism. Daily Mail reporter Pat Murphy was the original presenter BBC Radio 2, Steve Wright in the Afternoon 15th January 2006, Jeremy Vine interview, only lasting one episode after accidentally broadcasting a technical mishap. Max Robertson then took over for a year.
a.k.a. Immersive Image, VR - an image or series of images "stitched" together to produce a virtual-world within which the user can navigate a full 360 degrees in a horizontal plane. (Additional features such as sound, video, Flash files etc. can be integrated into the panorama for a fuller sense of interactivity)
a kind of non-immersive VR while immersive VR is a second kind
an image taken from a certain point, in all directions
Panorama project is the set of geoinformation technologies, which includes professional GIS "MAP 2005", professional vectorizer of electronic maps "Panorama-Editor", developer tools for various platforms (Windows and Linux) "GIS Toolkit", system of accounting and registration of landownership (SARL) and some specialized applications.
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Pantograph Paper
a long roll of painted canvas slowly wound from one roll to another across a stage before an audience, a sort of precursor of the movies
a movie in which the audience can choose which direction to point the camera
Panorama is a framework for 3D graphics production. This will include modeling, rendering, animating, post-processing, etc. Animation is not currently supported, but will be added soon. It is officially part of the GNU project.
Panorama is a framework for 3D graphics production. It will include modelling, rendering, animating, post-processing, etc. There's currently no support for animation, but this feature will be added soon.
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a picutes that you can put in the background
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Panorama is the third studio album by American new wave band The Cars, released in 1980 (see 1980 in music).
a perspective projected onto a cylinder
Panorama is a database engine and development environment for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.